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Hi, my name is Lisa Xiong. I am a Hmong woman, a single mother of two, a community activist and an advocate for healthy living. I am also the founder of Youvana. I am here today to ask for your donation to support vital programs for our communities of colour. I created Youvana after hearing and witnessing the inequalities that many Hmong women, children and people of colour experience when it comes to health and wellness through many years of working in the community.

Youvana is a socially driven health and wellness collective community with a mission to heal our communities of color through the promotion of integrated healthy living. This means that we are not driven by profit. We aim to make our programs, services, and products affordable and accessible so that money is not a barrier to well-being. We create a space for healing through programs such as Yoga, Meditation, Zumba, traditional healing touch massage, mental health and wellness therapy, and energy healing with professional practitioners who listens to you without judgment and who respects your experiences as a person of color.

Youvana offers services ranging from Zumba and Yoga classes to mental health counselling and energy healing. They also have an in-house organic product line called NaturaLEE and have traditional Lao, Thai and Hmong dance groups. Youvana is an employment opportunity for local practitioners and trainers.

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1800 White Bear Ave Maplewood MN 55109


44.995198003926, -93.024324653262

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