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As a Korean Adoptee and Christian, I integrate my beliefs into my work ethic in order to deliver to my clients a positive and uplifting experience along with a video to cherish for decades to come. My life experiences allow for a unique perspective, to see the world through different eyes, and reflect the beauty I see through stunning video images.

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I began my film-making career at the age of fifteen, developing the foundational skills that I use in my videography today. Starting small, creating content for the parkour group I was a part of, grew into a passion that embodies who I am today. Now, having over seven years of experience behind the lens, I have developed a sixth sense into finding the perfect shot and editing a video which highlights your unique story. Telling meaningful stories has become a part of my calling, and a way to minister to my clients.

After graduating high school, I began my college career believing I would pursue a business degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Quickly I realized that a nine to five was not for me, and I began my Media Production Major. Graduate of 2022, I now proudly operate my business under the name ‘Seoul Centered Films’.

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