Rosalyn Park

Rosalyn has extensive human rights experience, particularly in the area of human rights monitoring, violence against women, UN advocacy, and volunteer management. She provides expert guidance to UN bodies and foreign governments on compliance with international legal standards and best practice standards. She has served as an expert for multiple NGOs, the UN, OSCE, and the Inter-Parliamentary Union on women’s human rights and was selected to join the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women’s 2017 Expert Group Meeting on domestic violence best practice standards and 2020 Expert Group Meeting on sexual assault. She was a core member of the international UN Gender Network, a coalition established to examine gender equality policies within the UN and their impact on the UN’s approach to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Most recently, she has begun investigating the far-right, global movement that is attacking the rights of women, LGBTI persons, immigrants, and children. Rosalyn led the research and drafting of The Advocates for Human Rights’ 2021 report, A Rollback for Human Rights: The Istanbul Convention Under Attack. She currently coordinates a 45-member coalition of human rights defenders who span 20 countries that are under attack by the backlash to human rights.

In addition, Rosalyn has conducted and led monitoring missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Montenegro and Sierra Leone, as well as published reports and recommendations. She frequently develops and conducts trainings for lawyers, human rights defenders, and systems actors locally and internationally. She has fostered relationships and collaborated with local and national law firms on pro bono projects, including legal research and writing, fact-finding missions, and UN advocacy. In addition to recruiting, training, and managing volunteers, Rosalyn has helped establish organizational protocols and standards for volunteers and publications. She cultivates relationships with donors to whom she communicates mission values, program achievements, and evidence of impact. She represented The Advocates on the international stage as a Steering Committee member of the World Coalition against the Death Penalty, where she chaired the Working Group on World Day against the Death Penalty for multiple years. As a result of her 18 years’ experience, Rosalyn is skilled at building and fostering relationships with diverse, cross-cultural partners.

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