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Mission statements – Here at Qualis Staffing, our number one goal is to exceed your expectations. We change the game on how you look for jobs and hire new staff. Our specialties currently consist of non-clinical staffing and general labor positions. We are proud to be a minority owned staffing agency based out of Saint Paul, MN. 

Qualis’ Core Values – The word Qualis refers to Quality in Latin, but with its origin, it refers to what quality means to the person who speaks it. Our core value is Quality, and quality is who we are. 

Our Candidates: We don’t just bring candidates who can do the job. We focus on quality solution focused individuals who are motivated to make an impact day 1.   

Our Jobs:  Qualis offers a variety of high quality job openings. Our team curates each role to meet your needs. We work with organizations that mirror our core values.

Our Communication:  We know the importance of honesty and transparency, and this is what you can expect from our team here at Qualis Staffing. We believe in our results, and we stand by our promises. 

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Toua and Nou came to St. Paul, MN in 1986. Nou attended St. Paul College and received three associate degrees in accounting, bookkeeping, and data entry. Toua received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Accounting. In 1996 American National completed the merger with Mutual Savings Bank and Toua was one of 150 employees who were laid off.

This was the point where Toua and Nou decided to start their own business by purchasing and operating a supermarket in St. Paul that grew into the HmongTown Marketplace. The Hmong marketplace consists of 300+ indoor and outdoor vendors. The marketplace became a hub for all Hmong and other refugees like Karen and Napo to shop, connect and build strong relationships. The success of the HmongTown Marketplace has been featured on CNN, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, Travel Channel, and more.

The fast-growing Hmong and Karen communities in Minnesota ran into difficulties finding good-paying jobs in the area. Toua and Nou knew they had an obligation to help the community they serve. Toua and Nou established Qualis Staffing Solutions to help bridge this gap. Qualis has grown to support a variety of communities since its inception. Providing its staff with opportunities to support their families and gain access to the American dream.

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By Appointment

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