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People often ask, what is the Midway? The Chamber hears from many people who wonder what our boundaries are. We tell people we look at our territory as “Capitol to Campus” but the reality is anyone wishing to take part in the Chamber and get to know our members is welcome to join. While primarily found between Lexington Avenue and Highway 280, and Interstate 94 and Larpenteur Avenue, the Midway Chamber has members throughout Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Roseville and beyond. Why do people want to know the Midway area? Here are some of the highlights of our region.

The Midway is a thriving community with a long, proud history and is one of the hottest spots in the Twin Cities. It is a diverse community home to one of the best restaurant scenes in the Upper Midwest, as well as a brewery district. It is easily accessible by transit and in the middle of the metro area. It trains and educates the next generation of leaders, and is home to several nonprofits. Whether you’ve never been to the Midway or have lived here your whole life, the Midway is always changing and finding more to offer its residents, employees and visitors.

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Much of the destiny of the Midway area of St. Paul has been shaped by a dedicated group of businesspeople and residents who came together in 1919 to form the Midway Club, predecessor of the Midway Chamber of Commerce. By that time the Midway community had become an important regional hub for transportation, industry, commerce and education.

Commercial development, short line railroad transportation and the growth of the streetcar system played key roles in the Midway area’s development. The Interurban Streetcar line, which was completed in 1890, along University Avenue, was hailed as a much needed link between the two cities’ business districts. The Midway area’s prominence on the streetcar map was also assured by the completion of the streetcar company’s Midway shop at Snelling and University.

In the 1880s the Midway area became home to the Minnesota Transfer Railway Company, the brainchild of St. Paul railroad magnate James J. Hill. The presence of the street car and rail activity spurred significant commercial and industrial growth in the Midway. Early Midway industries provided a vast array of goods for residents of the northwestern U.S., including mattresses, beds, chairs, tables, pianos, furnaces, stoves, radiators, brooms, linseed oil products and farm equipment.

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