Hao Nguyen

Adjunct/Affiliated Faculty

Hao Q. Nguyen serves as an assistant Ramsey County Attorney, practicing in the area of felony criminal prosecution. Nguyen’s case load ranges from property crimes to crimes involving domestic violence, sexual assault and homicide. Prior to his work as a prosecutor he served the public as a uniformed law enforcement officer responding to 911 calls for service. He came to the United States at the age of seven after fleeing Vietnam with his mother and two older brothers. With a little luck and much hard work, he recognized that education is both an equalizer and a tool to be harnessed.

Nguyen has a demonstrated passion for public service and for teaching. He currently volunteers as a class facilitator for the Jeremiah Project (Minneapolis Chapter) an organization focusing on ending the cycle of cross generational poverty of single mothers. He also serves on the board of Asian Women’s United of Minnesota (AWUM) which concentrates on disrupting and ending cycles of domestic violence. He teaches Constitutional Criminal Procedure in the Fall semester 2018.

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