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My passion for photography started with an art project in high school where we made pinhole cameras and simple black and white exposures. Ever since then, I have been fascinated with how it is possible to capture a moment on film paper. I took pictures everywhere I went as I traveled my little world and then the big world.

I still remember my mom and dad stating that from all the pictures I would take on my travels, there never were any of me in them. I was always more interested in the world around me rather than me in the world.

As I have grown in experience and knowledge, I hope that my passion for photography can leave a lasting impression on those who view it, and leave a small legacy behind when the time comes for me to explore another world.

Photographs are meant to be shared and enjoyed by all. The beauty of Nature and humanity is an awesome creation for us to enjoy and cherish. I love landscape photographs, and doing portrait photography. I am self taught and continue to learn as a photographer. I am finding that photography is an amazing tool to capture photons of light into amazing and beautiful works of art. Please enjoy!

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