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Juvenile Law, Family Law

Attorney Cresston Gackle provides strong and accessible advocacy for youths and families in the youth and family courts of Minnesota. Having clerked for a judge in Hennepin County for three years, Cresston Gackle recognizes the difficult situations and choices young people and family members face in custody, child protection, delinquency, and other matters. With this behind-the-scenes knowledge and experience, Cresston may be able to assist you and those you care about with resolving your youth or family court issue in your favor.

Cresston is available and willing to converse on youth law, legal system reform and abolition, and solo practice.

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Cresston Gackle started Cresston Law LLC after clerking for three years for a judge in Hennepin County in the Family, Civil, and Juvenile Divisions. As a clerk, Cresston researched Minnesota and federal law and legal rules, reviewed thousands of pages of filings, drafted hundreds of orders on petitions and motions, and filed thousands of documents. He communicated effectively with the public, including attorneys and self-represented parties, on difficult and emotional issues, and administered a busy court calendar, scheduling hearings and entering events. He also observed how counsel negotiate cases in the Family, Civil, and Juvenile Courts, and how judges and others evaluate facts and law.

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