Association of Minnesota Chinese Physicians

The Association of Minnesota Chinese Physicians (AMCP) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization of licensed Chinese Minnesotan physicians with a shared commitment to community service, professional development and promotion of collaborations in order to advance medical sciences and patient care. AMCP also facilitates the exchange and interaction of medical professionals between US (Minnesota in particular) and China. AMCP members are physicians of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Mid-level providers such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners and physicians in training are also welcomed. AMCP welcomes non-Chinese physicians who are interested in promoting the AMCP mission.

AMCP has established a free volunteer clinic, the Minnesota Chinese Health Center (MCHC), serving not only ethnic Chinese patients but also the local population at large. Together with MCHC, AMCP organizes periodic public health education seminars to promote healthy life-style, disease prevention and early recognition of signs and symptoms of diseases that warrant further medical attention.

AMCP also sponsors professional seminars and medical forums to promote intellectual interaction and professional development of AMCP members and to forge collaboration between AMCP members and the community including other health organizations, medical device manufacturers and biomedical companies. AMCP periodically organizes medical delegations to visit China and hosts Chinese medical delegations to visit US and Minnesota.

To facilitate collaborations with Chinese healthcare development, AMCP has also established US-China Healthcare Information Exchange (USCHIE) as a nonprofit independent extension. USCHIE is a free e-journal and web-based interactive platform dedicated to promoting and facilitating mutually beneficial bilateral interactions between US and Chinese healthcare establishments and related industries.

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310 Smith Ave N #440, St Paul, MN 55102


44.941868326856, -93.10827110739


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