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Hello! My name is Amy Yang! Born in California, I have been in Minnesota for majority of my life time and where I continue to live and grow my little family. I have two little monsters ages 6 and 4. As you can see already, they are a handful. As a family, we love to spend time with each other and travel when time allows. Our favorite place for a quick family getaway is Florida. Aside from spending together, we also enjoy times away from the kids where we travel alone (without the kids, they get to stay with grandma and aunties) and of course, run our daily jobs.

Aside from running a family and my photography business, I also work full time as a Financial Analyst. With my Masters Degree in Business Administration with Emphasis in Financial Management, I am eager to continue my work journey. Just as I enjoy doing photography, I also enjoy getting a daily break from the kids and be able to utilize my skills and knowledge.

I have been doing professional photography since 2016 when my daughter arrived. She has inspired me to capture the most important part of life, the child life. Thus, is the meaning of Amira Photography, named after my daughter. Growing up, she has been mommy’s first model in everything (especially new props). Today, I now offer that service to other parents so they too, can capture the most important part of their children’s life.

As I continue to grow in both knowledge and service in photography, I look forward to advancing my shooting skills and be able to teach to other upcoming photographers. I look forward to shooting many many other children and hope to work with you some day.

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