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iAM.NIK (MOMENTS by Nik) is a professional wedding photographer based in Minneapolis, MN, and Los Angeles, CA. Nik loves to travel and will go anywhere to take photographs that creatively represent your truest love story. Each wedding is unique and so is his approach to each couple. Nik welcomes your input and direction to help him capture your special moments in a way that parallels what you’ve always dreamt your wedding day to be like.

iAM.NIK (MOMENTS by Nik) offers many customized services before, during, and after your wedding day. These include but are not limited to: elopements, complimentary engagement sessions, pre-wedding day photography, after-wedding day sessions, additional photographer, videography, drone photo/video, same-day edits, and custom wedding albums. iAM.NIK (MOMENTS by Nik) serves destinations across the US and is open to travel internationally.

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Nik began his photography journey over 8 years ago, traveling worldwide and honing his craft as a natural storyteller. He believes in the captivating power of photography and how you can fit an entire story into one fleeting image. Nik aspires to encapsulate your wedding memories in these still images with the hopes that you can look back on them for years to come and remember every last emotion you experienced in those nostalgic dreamy moments.

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